As a new business in a college town, your eatery, bar, retail store, or service is jockeying for a strong start. Maybe you’ve thought about posting flyers and newspaper ads. That’s fine—but what about doing something with more bang for the buck?

Millennials—your target audience on any college campus—are tantalized by the web. To attract this market, your business has to primp its online presence: socially, strategically, and for a mobile audience.

Socialize Your Customer Base

45% of college students spend 6-8 hours a day browsing social media sites, concluded a study by Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island.

To today’s young adults, the word “social” doesn’t necessarily mean getting salads after class. It involves liking, commenting, tweeting, and hash-tagging—yes, social media. Start a Facebook page, activate a Twitter account, and start tumbling and pinning to promote college discounts and connect with students. Once you’ve done so, you’ll have stoked curiosity—and gotten onto the college radar. From there, word of mouth can and will spread—if you follow suit.

Strategize Your Brand

Sava’s, an eclectic American restaurant on campus at the University of Michigan, uses Instagram to showcase its daily specials. The restaurant posts mouthwatering shots of quirky dishes daily, enticing students to stop by for a bite. Sava’s sister restaurants, gourmet market Babo and fusion tapas bar Aventura, partake in the same strategy, stamping each photo with the hash-tag “#savco”. Through Instagram, Sava’s has achieved a unified, easily searchable, and popular online personality boasting over 5,000 followers.

Sava’s and Babo concocted a plan for strategic branding. They developed a catchy social media campaign to excite students about their food. Students that buy in act as promoters, doing the restaurants’ job for them. Nifty strategy, eh?

Spend some time strategizing your social campaigns to showcase your products, publicize opportunities for college savings, and create a following for your business. If this sounds like too much work, we’ve got a great idea for you below!

Mobilize Your Merchandise

A study by Ball State University concluded that 99.8% of college students have some sort of cellphone, and that smartphones account for more of students’ electronic and computing needs than ever before. What better opportunity than mobile marketing to place your product literally into the palms of your consumers?

A mobile app can serve as a platform to sponsor college discounts, student savings, and unique offerings. Use push notifications to advertise new deals, promotions, and events right on students’ phones—you’ll find the convenience pays off.

If you don’t have your own app, consider featuring your business on College Discount Cards’ mobile app to put students in touch with great deals and get your name out there.