College Discount Cards: Bring Campus Communities Closer

A dollar saved for laundry. $10 off a yummy meal. A two-for-one deal on binders. Saving cash on everyday buys has obvious incentive for college students. But College Discount Cards isn’t a one-way street. Our program connects and benefits student governments, local businesses, and college attendees to create a campus ecosystem that flourishes.

Involve Student Government

College Discount Cards offer a great way for student governments to strengthen relationships with peers. Handing out free discount cards at campus events shows classmates they care. This is particularly comforting for new students, who often feel like campus can be a mysterious maze. Knowing their student government works hard to create a fun, satisfying environment will heighten student support for these organizations, allowing student governments to continue to provide awesome programs.

Introduce Students to Local Businesses

Local businesses form the economic backbone of college towns, and students are their most prevalent market. But the student body is an ever-evolving sea of fresh faces. For local restaurants, salons, repair shops, and more, the problem remains: how do you gain—and retain—student customers?

College Discount Cards piques student interest in your business by exposing them to awesome deals. Students are already always looking to save extra cash. Advertise your business as able to provide just that, and they’ll come running. They’ll save money, you’ll tap into a lucrative demographic, and the local economy will thrive.

Help students form fast friendships

With access to discounts, students will feel encouraged to try that new restaurant on campus with the girl from down the hall, or catch a movie with a new friend from psych class. While campus is bountiful, students itch to explore the surrounding town. With access to common discounts that make meals and services more affordable, they can venture together beyond the college “bubble”—making lasting friendships on each excursion.

College Discount Cards provide advantages in all directions. It’s a winning formula—strengthening relationships, businesses, and friendships in college towns across America!