For Student Organizations and Sponsors

Which organizations or groups can purchase College Discount Cards?

Any student-run group or organization can purchase cards. This includes student government, alumni associations, student life or activities offices, dorm associations, foundation groups, and more!

How long does it take to receive the cards? To be featured on the app?

Your school will be featured on our app one to two weeks after placing an order. Cards will arrive in three to four weeks.

Our school already has a discount program. How can we benefit from College Discount Cards?

Feature your discount program on our mobile app to connect with more students digitally. Students can access your program conveniently on their smartphones and take advantage of deals more easily.

With connections in the print industry since 1998, we can also introduce you to skilled graphic designers and help you find ways to lower your program’s printing costs.

For Students

What happens if I lose my College Discount Card?

No worries! Just contact your affiliated student organization to ask if they have an extra card—we often include them in the order.

What if one of the participating merchants refuses me a discount?

Let us know the details through our contact page. We’ll handle it from there.

Can I use the mobile app if my school doesn’t participate in the program?

Absolutely! We offer discounts at popular national retailers (think Target and Wallmart) that you can access just by downloading!

Are College Discount Cards free for all students?

Yes! You’ll never have to pay for a College Discount Card. Receive one from your student organization or sponsorship group and campus events, and start saving!

For Local Businesses

Will I have to pay to participate in College Discount Cards’ program?

No. Simply tell your affiliated student organization you want to get involved. Once approved, you’ll work with us to curate a discount program that works best for your business needs. Just fill out our form to get started.

What kind of businesses usually benefit from this program?

If your business or service is near a college campus and can appeal to students, you stand to benefit. This can range from essentials like bookstores and laundry services, to fun splurges like restaurants and nail salons, to everything in between.

How can I spread the word that my business offers discounts through College Discount Cards?

Your business’ logo will be featured on every card. If your school is featured on our mobile app, we’ll send push notifications to students to let them know you’ve joined.