If your business is in or near a college town, tapping into the student demographic is crucial. Whether you own a restaurant, bookstore, or local produce market, the key to a college kid’s heart remains the same: help them save money for textbooks, snacks, and other necessities.

Boost Your Business

College Discount Cards can boost your business while fueling the local economy. We develop a student discount program—approved by the collaborating organization—that features your business on free promotional cards. These cards introduce a student audience to your business and inspire it to check out your unique offer.

With our mobile app, you can set up notifications to alert users of upcoming deals while capitalizing on an exclusive marketing opportunity on students’ smartphones.


Connect with your local student demographic

Search for a nearby university. If it already participates in our program, talk to a member of the student government and let him or her know you want in! If not, introduce them to our unique offer and encourage them to sign up.

Once the student government is on board, work directly with us to craft a student savings program that best meets your business needs.

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Didn’t find a nearby school?

If a nearby school isn’t in our system, you can still participate by offering deals through our mobile app. Fill out our contact form now!